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About us

At Bradford Hill we are specialists in providing the best care and treatment for our patients. From Chile, our work contributes to the constant search of the global scientific community for new therapeutic answers and new effective treatments for cancer.

At Bradford Hill we have a vast research portfolio in new drugs with a focus on immunotherapy, including active clinical trials on different types of cancer such as lung, kidney, prostate as well as melanoma.

The clinical trials that are implemented our center are subject to the highest international regulations and standards.

Bradford Hill


Dr. Mauricio Burotto

Dr. Mauricio Burotto is a medical oncologist with extensive experience in clinical research, immuno-oncology, molecular biology, and biostatistics. Graduated from the National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA, is the Clinical Director of our center since 2018. He has participated in many conferences around the world and has several publications in leading oncological journals

Dr. Carlos Ignacio Rojas García

Former medical oncologist on three of the most important institutions on the country, he has assumed this year the executive management of Bradford Hill on a full-time basis. He has a special interest in early phase clinical studies, lung and skin cancer trials, focusing his expertise on clinical research and participating as Principal Investigator in more than 47 different trials.

Sir Austin Bradford Hill

(1897 – 1991)

He was an English epidemiologist and statistician who pioneered randomized clinical trials along with Richard Doll, he is considered “the man who saved a million lives”, demonstrating the causal relationship between smoking and lung cancer. His name is applied today to the “Bradford Hill criteria for determining causal association in the analysis of diseases.

The most prominent of his studies established the incidence of smoking in the appearance of lung cancer, analyzing thousands of cases of patients with the disease and their smoking habits. He was then awarded the Guy Medal in Gold, by the Royal Statistical Society in 1953, and eight years later, was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

To this day, he is considered one of the world’s leading specialists in medical statistics, and his persistence in his studies on cancer is an inspiration to all of us at our research center.

Sir Austin Bradford Hill